Ready to Launch Your Course to the World? Let's Work on It Together!


So you have an idea for putting a course together. But you’re “stuck” somewhere. Maybe it might be putting together your offer. Maybe it might be figuring out how to promote it. Maybe you’re just overwhelmed putting all of the pieces together.

I’ve now helped clients launch over 700 programs from top to bottom. I’m offering this workshop with over 7 hours of training content as a way for you to leverage my vast experience without having to pay for my high one-on-one-rates.


  • You’re ready to roll up your sleeves and spend 1-2 focused days going through the training and working to put your course together.
  • You are already generating some revenue in your business. 
  • Whether or not you’ve ever launched a course yourself, you’d like to learn how to do it strategically.
  • You’re interested in building a logical progression of content offerings OR you already have content offerings and you’d simply like to have a more cohesive structure to them.
  • You have one or more of these already: a) funds to invest in advertising OR b) an existing list OR c) contacts you feel confident will promote your program.


You’ll be provided with some prep training and work to do prior to the core training. This will help you with formulating a solid idea so that your time going through the core training will be even more productive.

PLUS - you’ll get an assortment of checklists and blueprints to help make launching a course much easier and so that you’ll look like a total pro!

When you register, you’ll have the opportunity to add on participation in my November 22nd session of “Package Market Profit!” at a substantially reduced rate. This is a 6-week in-depth program that provides you with even more information than we’ll be able to cover in a focused training, access to our Facebook mastermind community, and access to our live calls. Plus, you’ll get a one-on-one call with me to discuss your course and any sticking points.


Day 1

  • Session 1
    Offer + Positioning

    You’ll learn how to nail down your offer and who you’ll be selling it to.

  • Session 2
    Product Framework

    Where does this program fit into your overall product mix?

  • Session 3
    Program Mapping

    We’ll map out your actual program.

  • Session 4
    Packaging Programs

    How will you deliver your content to participants? We’ll look at that here.

Day 2

  • Session 5
    Marketing Programs

    Now that you have your program ready to go, it’s time to get people enrolled. We’ll look at some basics of marketing along with the concept of preselling.

  • Session 6
    Program Funnels

    You’ll learn what different types of funnels you can use to promote a program.

  • Session 7
    Facebook Ads & Retargeting

    In a short workshop like this, we can’t cover every single detail about Facebook ads and retargeting but we’ll share with you what you need to know when it comes to advertising courses.

  • Session 8
    JV Traffic & Wrap-up

    We’ll wrap up taking a look at how to run an effective joint venture promotion and cover some assorted topics like increasing retention and engagement rates.




  • Access to prep training content
  • On-demand access to over 7 hours of core workshop content
  • Access to checklists and blueprints


Sharon Hayes is a marketing & business strategist and currently serves as CEO of Domainate Incorporated. On top of having built and sold numerous companies she founded, Sharon has also worked extensively with organizations of all sizes on strategy and implementation of marketing objectives through social media, community development, e-mail marketing, paid traffic and domain names. She has created 39 courses and has had over 14,000 people take her courses. Her client roster, past and present, includes Porsche, Tom Peters, Harvard Business School, IBM, Jean Chatzky, CBS MarketWatch, Good Life Project (Jonathan Fields), Alexandra Jamieson and thousands of others. 

Sharon is a proud alumni of Concordia University’s business program and has been working almost exclusively online since 1991 – predating commercial usage of the Internet.

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